Young Adults

The Young Adults at Benton are motivated by a desire to introduce people to Jesus, recognize his persistent and personal invasion of our daily interactions, and experience deeper relationships with him as we grow together in the body of Christ. We welcome all young adults, ages 18-40, to find a place of belonging in our church family as we seek to encounter him through worship, prayer, outreach, the study of God's Word, and a life lived in community.

The Word is Our Armour and Our Guide

"As long as we let the Word be our only armour we can look confidently into the future." - Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Community groups are a great option for spiritual growth both as individuals and as a young adult community. Prayer, encouragement, accountability, and fellowship can be particularly powerful in more intimate settings where it's possible for all members to contribute. Our groups are driven by a unified purpose - to see the living Word of God applied to the lives we lead each day.

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We Stand In Awe

Worship need not be static in form or expression, but we see tremendous value in joining with believers of all ages and from all walks of life each Sunday morning at 10:45 a.m. to unite our voices and spirits in worship of our King. Additionally, we aim to explore and foster Spirit-led worship experiences for young adults where the musical and non-musical alike can utilize talents and combine all manner of forms and styles in the pursuit of genuine expressions of praise and worship to our Lord.

The One and Only 'Sure Thing'

The truth is that prayer is the most we can do, in any situation, at any time! Admittedly, we are often guilty of relegating prayer to a last resort when circumstances are dire, or "all we can do" if further aid isn't possible. We aim to be a group that emphasizes prayer and recognizes it as the primary way we can identify God's work among our families and our broader community. The hope drawn from prayers answered and the promises for prayers offered encourage and equip our community to pursue the mission of God in our lives.

We know God is present where we are, and thus, we must grant him the freedom to guide our interactions, bless our fellowship and challenge our hearts and minds to do his work. Prayer is the one 'sure thing' because despite our incomplete understandings of his Word and meager offerings of worship, when we approach our Father in prayer, he overlooks our clumsy expressions and clearly sees the cries of our hearts.

No Time Like the Present

We intend to positively impact God's kingdom now! Plainly stated, we all brush shoulders daily with lives in need of Christ. Our burden for those populating our workplaces, college/university campuses, and the neighbourhoods that surround us is that they would see Christ as 'Redeemer' and not simply a wise historical figure or a religious superhero. Our desire is to identify ways we can extend his love to those around us, that they might see the person of Christ for the ultimate example and the personal Saviour that he truly is!

The Commission

"But I have mortgage payments, or a degree I'm working on! I have a terrible immune system and food allergies! I don't 'do well' when I can't speak the language."

We will never run out of excuses to ignore Christ's command to "go and make disciples" (Matthew 28:19-20), but we believe it's time to put our energy into supporting the worldwide growth of Christ's church! Not every believer is called to missions around the world, but as a group, we aim to be intentional about seeking his will for us as individuals and supporting ministries that are spreading the gospel 'to the ends of the earth.' It isn't someone else's mission! It's ours!

Living for Christ... Together!

It is abundantly clear to us that God created us to live in community! He knew that Adam needed relationship with other humans and he desires the same for us. While we acknowledge that true satisfaction in this life springs from a relationship with Christ, God wills us to experience Christ in tangible ways through the lives of others with whom we write exams, raise children, renovate homes, share interests, celebrate triumphs, and weather trials. Our brothers and sisters in Christ are truly extensions of our family, and we are deeply invested in their well-being - spiritual and otherwise!

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